Lose 10kg in a month diet plan

how to lose 10kg in a month

A famous proverb said, “Eating well is a form of self-respect“. and “to enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise”. By maximizing metabolism, one can maintain his/her health and can attain a healthy weight. Here is the diet plan to lose 10kg in one month.

One thing I want to share with you is that the Metabolism of your body is more important than losing inches. Keep a check on your metabolism, whether your metabolism has improved., declined, or is at the same status.

The point to consider while starting to lose weight is that if you are losing inches but your metabolism is still there, i.e. there is no improvement in your metabolism process it’s declining, your whole effort will go to the waste bin.

Why metabolism is of utmost importance? I will let my readers know about that in my another article for sure. Keep your fingers crossed for that 🙂

Lose 10 kg in a month diet plan

Before moving towards the diet plan to lose 10kg in one month, i want to make you realize that YES you should expect the best results from the diet and regimen you are following but also be realistic.

When you exert more pressure on your body to reduce weight, your metabolism takes a hit initially. You will reduce weight initially, rather you will lose quick. In most cases, you lose weight rapidly initially, it’s the loss of your muscle mass more and very less fat loss.

The actual thing which you had to lose was your fat. Being a Doctor I would recommend you take guidance from your trainer or dietician before going on specific diets. Your dietician or fitness trainer should tell you clearly about the difference between muscle loss and fat loss before following any weight loss program.

This is the major reason people gain the weight back on. So go with your metabolism. You cannot compare your weight loss journey with anyone, because your metabolism is individual.

Your target should be to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a healthy weight. Your goal is to reduce body fat, not muscle. Mainly focus on your inches. That should be your NO:1 concern. Please show some trust to me (to the admin of this site, who is a doctor :)). Please go for authentic information and from an authentic certified Doctor/Nutritionist/Dietician.

Keep a check on your metabolism to see whether it is improving or decreasing. I will tell you about Metabolism scoring soon too. So, your priority should be to lose inches, then metabolism score and in the last your weight. Start your weight loss journey with this sequence.

The key point is when you lose inches, you are losing fat, and when you lose weight; you are losing your muscle.

Loose 10kg in one month diet plan:

How you can Lose 10 kg in one month? Diet plan is as follows;

  • Start your day with any nutraceutical i.e
    • – Lemon water (without salt and sugar)
      • OR
    • Cinnamon water
    • OR
    • 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in 1 cup of lukewarm water
  • Breakfast: @ 7-8 am
    • 2 boiled eggs
    • Handful of nuts
  • Take any seasonal fruit i.e. 1 apple or 1 orange or 1 banana, etc
  • Lunch: @1-2 pm
    • 1 piece of brown bread or 1 roti of 7 inches size with boiled chicken.
  • Supper: @5p.m
    • Take any seasonal fruit
  • Dinner: @7-8pm (Do not take dinner after 8 pm)
    • 12 tablespoons of Rice or a piece of brown bread or small roti with vegetables
    • OR 2pieces of grilled chicken/chicken tikka
    • Pakistani or Indian people can take biryani as well comprises 12-14 tablespoon of rice with 2-4 chicken pieces.
    • – Follow this diet plan for 30 days with a little variation as per your desire .

Physical Activity:

30 min – 45 min walk daily


Take a good multivitamin which contains Iron(Fe) ,Calcium (Ca) , Vit D and Vit B12.

Being a Doctor I would recommend you to lose weight slowly and gradually, So here is the meal plan to lose 10kg in one month. Eat enough to fuel your metabolism. Monitor your calorie intake, just do not leave eating. Eat healthily. Excess of exercise is also bad news.

Do comment me your queries. I’ll respond as fast as I Can 🙂

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