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PCOs patient need modification in their lifestyle and eating habits. I’m sharing a diet plan for PCOs patient after going through a lot of research.

It’s really hard for a PCO patient to lose weight, but refraining from food and going on a crash diet is the wrong approach.

A person with PCOs should eat healthy food, avoid junk food, and consume green vegetables and fresh fruits in her diet. A person should consume a high protein diet.

A high protein diet keeps a person full for a longer time as well as provides nutrition, especially after workouts, as resistance training and cardio (preferably walking) play an important part in managing PCOs.

Along with healthy food, supplements play an important role to fulfill nutritional deficiencies which a PCO patient usually has. In this respect ZINC, MAGNESIUM, COD LIVER OIL / FISH OIL CAPSULES are mandatory.

A person suffering from PCO who can follow the below-mentioned diet plan, along with supplements and daily exercise will surely be able to manage her PCO symptoms very well.

I want to clear here the biggest misconception here that A person can manage PCO symptoms. PCOS can’t be cured fully. That’s the reason that I and other doctors and dieticians always force to bring change in their lifestyles and daily habits.

symtoms of pcos
diet plan to manage symptoms of pcos

The Diet plan for PCOs patient includes a meal plan three times a day.


DURATION: 4 weeks


MEAL 1 :

2 slice of bran bread

1 large egg

4 egg white

1 medium apple

7 almond

1 tsp Olive oil

(Calories 444)

MEAL 2 :

Chicken 150 gm

Rice 150 gm

Olive oil 1 tsp

cucumber 1

(Calories 483)

MEAL 3 :

Chicken 120 gm

Milk 150 gm

Peach/Apple 1 medium

Cucumber 1

(Calories 334)


Marinate chicken breast in fresh lemon juice, fresh crushed garlic, oregano, red pepper, and pink salt. Grill the chicken, and saute it with olive oil until the chicken is cooked. Enjoy it with mint sauce.

LIST OF SUPPLEMENTS ( very important):

-Supplement #1 Omega 3 fish oil capsules

1 capsule (1000mg) daily with meal #1

Supplement #2 Multivitamin tablet

1 tablet daily with meal#1 or meal #2

  • Supplement #3 Vit D 5000 iu capsules
  • 1 capsule daily with meal#3

Important Instructions & Precautions:

  • You are required to buy a kitchen scale for accurate measurement of food.
    -Meat and rice will be measured after cooking.

-Vegetables will be measured before cooking.

  • Take Green Tea once a day.
  • No junk food & No sugar
  • Use artificial sweeteners in tea/green tea.
  • Not more than 1 cup of black tea in a day.
  • No white rice or white bread other than recommended
  • Use only olive oil or coconut oil for cooking
  • Drink 14-18 glasses of water a day
  • Use turmeric in cooking. (It has anti-inflammatory properties)

Use 1 -2 teaspoons of pink salt (very important)

Do put up your questions or any queries if you have :). I’ll try to guide my lovely readers as much as I can.

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Surgical option to lose weight in PCOS:

For all those PCOS sufferers who can’t lose weight through diet and lifestyle modifications, A surgical option is also there known as the New WEIGHT LOSS Option in 2020–Bariatric Surgery. Bariatric surgery can help to reduce and maintain weight in PCOS patients.

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