Diet Plan For Cancer Patients on Chemotherapy and radiation

7-day meal plan for cancer patients

The news for Cancer diagnosis is itself a very painful process. The patient and family are like dying with every day passing by. A proper diet plan for cancer patients on chemotherapy and radiation helps the patient regain the energy he/she is losing with every passing day, as a human body, its structure deteriorates as the disease progresses.

Cancer Patients
Cancer Diagnosis

What causes cancer cells to grow:

Do you know what causes cancer cells to grow? What causes overgrowing of cancer cells? Cancer is a disease whose treatment is more painful than the disease. Only those people could understand its severity and the pain that a family member or a loved one had gone through such pain.

What is the treatment of Cancer:

Treatment of cancer is dependent on the diagnosis of this disease i-e at what stage of cancer disease is diagnosed. Cancer has 4 stages, as far as its diagnosis and treatment are concerned. Usually, stage1 and stage2 are curable with surgery and chemotherapy and stage3 and stage4 usually need conservative treatment.

Cancer Patients
Chemotherapy side effects

What is Chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy is the treatment of disease with the use of chemical substances i-e cytotoxic and other drugs. When chemotherapy targets cancer cells, it kills good cells as well. Chemotherapy may aim to prolong life or reduce symptoms. Chemotherapy affects each patient differently depending on how it is used. Most people have ups and downs while undergoing this treatment. Some people find it easy to lead a normal life during chemotherapy but others, find everyday life more difficult.

what is chemotherapy?

What love cancer cells:

Cancer cells love sugar, acidic environment, legumes, tea, coffee, bread, and specific nuts.

1- Sugar:

Sugar is the critical culprit to attract cancer cells. We need to change our lifestyle. Before kids were not given so much sugar and sugary products. Try to give organic food as much as you can, like at kids get together, events, or any birthday event, stop promoting giving sugary food like sweets, chocolates, etc. Try to give a toy or a storybook in return. We need to start modifying at the root level as cancer is spreading like fire. It is affecting adults as well as children.

Cancer love sugar. Your cancer cells absorb 15 times more sugar as compared to your normal cells. People suffering from cancer should not eat sugar too, because it provides a medium to grow more cancer cells. Here the thing to be noticed is all kinds of cells in our body including cancer cells depend on blood sugar for energy.

2- Acidic Environment:

What do cancer cells feed on? Cancer loves an acidic environment. Sugar and cancer studies reveal that the ideal environment where cancer cells don’t grow and multiply is 70% alkaline and 30% acidic.

You need to follow the lifestyle modifications ;

If you are not vegetarian like you mostly eat eggs, chicken, and meat, you need to add some vegetables along with it. Non-vegetarian people have an acidic environment inside their stomachs. For example what you can do is if you are making paneer, add lots of onions, tomatoes, and peas. The addition of vegetables will make your food alkaline.

If you are taking legumes, soak them before cooking. When you soak legumes their acidic factor decreases. Also try combining legumes with vegetables, like 1 bowl of legumes with 2 bowls of veggies, or 1 bowl of vegetables and 1 bowl of legumes with 1 bowl of salad.

If you are fond of taking bread, you are eating carbohydrates which is providing you with only an acidic environment.

Beverages, especially which contain caffeine like tea or coffee are also acidic in nature. These drinks which contain caffeine make your stomach environment acidic.

If you are fond of taking nuts, the point to note here is specific nuts are acidic too. Almond and Brazilian nuts are alkaline in nature. All other nuts and seeds except almonds and Brazilian nuts are acidic in nature.

Acidic Environment
Nutrition in cancer treatment

Symptoms of cancer patients:

Patients suffering from cancer experience low energy levels all the time, and cancer cells love glucose. “Sugar feeds cancer” In every individual and living being cell is the place where glucose comes. As a result of some reactions, which are around 20 chemical reactions, energy is released from the cell.

All cells in our body make energy when glucose from food i-e sugar, wheat, etc come into the cell. As a result of reactions, only 2 units of energy are produced. Glucose changes into a chemical form that undergoes around 8 reactions and releases 36 units of energy.

Now the question arises “why do cancer patients feel lethargic”? The fact is the process mentioned above which released only 2 units of energy took place in the absence of oxygen. The process which released 36 units of energy took place in presence of oxygen and cancer cells hate oxygen.

Nutritious diet for cancer patients:

  • First of all starving. Trying to starve cancer patients means no glucose. Intermittent fasting could help too.
  • Try to add more and more alkaline foods to cancer patients’ diets. Make the stomach environment alkaline.
  • Use essential oils. As chemotherapy is killing your good cells along with bad (cancer) cells. The usage of essential oils like oregano, cloves, and thyme helps cancer patients.
  • Functional doctors see cancer as fungus (for example if there is a fungus, spread baking soda on it). But in real practice, if you think to drink baking soda, it’s wrong. As stomach has an acidic environment and this is the only organ of the body that should be acidic, not alkaline.
  • Now the question arises why? The answer is, that the acidic environment kills bacteria that come with food or impurities. Your food digests smoothly and nutrition goes to your blood. From blood, it spreads to the whole body.
  • Herbs like garlic, olive leaf extract, and grapefruit extract can help cancer patients to fight different bacteria and fungi.
  • Probiotics are really good for cancer patients. A cancer patient’s digestion already slows down. It’s preferable to give prebiotics and probiotics daily in the form of real food (beetroot, sea salt). Being a cancer patient work on your gut. More than 96% of diseases start from the gut.
7-day diet plan for cancer patients
Nutritious diet for cancer patients

Who is most likely to get cancer?:

In spite of many reasons, the vital reason why cancer happens is your Emotions. Negative thoughts, overthinking, grudges, complaints, and lack of happiness due to your present or past.

Fix your emotions through meditation, thankfulness, and practice gratitude, especially early morning.

Generally, a person should eat 60-70% alkaline food, but cancer patients should eat 90% alkaline food. That means adding more vegetables, some proteins, and healthy fat.

7-day meal plan for cancer patients:

   Monday6 am Pineapple pap +moimoi (steamed or boiled bean pudding)Tumeric rice + veggies…   +mushroom teaBeetroot plantain swallow +okro   Healing mushroom tea 
TUESDAY  6 am: mushroom tea Breakfast: Cucumber +scent leaf +mushroom powder+apple   12pm ( carrot juice )  Oat swallow with okro soup 4 pm (Beetroot juice+ mushroom juice  Plantain moimoi (steamed or boiled bean pudding)+ fish Mushroom tea  
WEDNESDAY7 am; mushroom tea   Breakfast:  Oat+mushroom +moimoi  Favorite meal      Amala +ewdu soup Mushroom tea    
THURSDAY7 am mushroom tea. Freshly steam ugu + unripe plantainOfada rice with vegetables 
FRIDAY7 am mushroom tea Breakfast: Beetroot +coconut water+bananaPlantain porridge with fishokra (ladyfinger) soup with amalla +soursop tea
SATURDAY  7 am: Green tea Breakfast: coconut water +cucumber juice(1 liter)Ofada rice with lots of vegetables and fish with freshly sliced tomatoes and carrots.Repeat Monday dinner Before bed: Banana tea
SUNDAY7 am: mushroom tea Breakfast: Beetroot Juice +apples(1 liter)Beetroot + apple + cucumber + (juice)  Bone broth   Banana mushroom tea

Nutrition for cancer patients guidelines:

No sugar, no meat, no milk

Eat more local food…

High protein diet for cancer patients

No processed meal

Breakfast must be green Smoothies…(use about 3 greens with apples and ginger)

Add essential oils to water for the bath

Drink one cup of Bitterleaf juice before bed

Do not use Maggi or processed noodles to cook

2.5 liters of water daily

Hope the above article helps Diet Plan For PCOs Patient

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