7 Life Management Skills to live a productive life

life skills

Have you ever think about how to manage life to be a productive individual, to spend a productive life? what are the 7 life management skills to live a productive life?

Life Management Skills
7 key life management skills for a productive life

I want to disclose here some great amount of wisdom with you, which I have compiled over the years and hope that this should be able to help you tremendously in your life.

Life skills can be defined as problem-solving behaviors used in the management of personal affairs. They apply to the following areas of life i-e self, family, recreation, community, job, etc.

One important thing which I learned from my mentor is “Do not confuse activity with achievement”. Whatever you do in your life, see what you have achieved in the end. Do your self katharsis. Become a person of character, a person everyone looks at to. Try to be a better person you know.

If you do certain things in your life, your life will be changed. To change your life, change yourself. Check are you becoming better everywhere? Are you the same person as you were last year?

Be a learner, not a follower. Observe successful people, extract what good things you learned. Divide your life into 7 areas, and I’ll tell you the 7 life management skills to be productive in these 7 areas.


First and foremost is your health. This should be your number 1 priority. Estimate how much time you are giving to yourself to be healthy. Scientists now recommend a minimum of 300min in a week to exercise i-e at least 45min per day.

Health- your first ptiority

See what are you eating. If you are eating white bread, replace it with brown bread or whole wheat bread, as white bread makes you fat and lazy. Eat vegetables, fruits, nuts. Take meat but in moderation. Try to stay away from those foods which make you sleepy, tired, and lazy.

Make your relationship better:

If you are in harmony with your relationships, you will have peace of mind, and you will focus on your success. Forgive everyone. By forgiving we don’t change the past, rather we change our future. Don’t hold grudges. Grudges destroy you and your brain Don’t take revenge.


People who take revenge, don’t remain normal. If you want to stay away from Psychiatrist disorders like schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, etc. Learn to forgive


Read books on spirituality, religion. Be a student of your religion. Follow it. It will make you a better person. You start to love more, with your life and with others.


Read books on your specialty (your career). Read and explore how on earth a person can remain jobless, how can you be a failure, how one can’t perform in an interview…… Read and explore. Find answers yourself.

Life Management Skills


Learn to control finances. The way you manage your daily finances, that should be such that someone can learn from you. Do you have the financial plan that I’ll pick and go around the country? If the answer is No, then start creating good plans.

Career success alone will not make you rich. Financial planning and budgeting make you rich i-e how much money you save, how much you invest, how much money you stop wasting on useless stuff.


how you groom yourself. Do you feel fresh every day? Take a shower every day and use cologne afterward. Do you know the stinky person doesn’t know that his body stinks? Sweat and body spray combine together and make it worse.

Life Management Skills

Groom yourself, look good. If you are not grooming every day that means you haven’t groomed. Grooming counts.

If your personality looks good but doesn’t have a good vocabulary, you don’t have a good way to talk, your gestures are not impressive, them I’m sorry you are a looser.

I have seen many people who work hard on their dressing but when they speak or talk to you, the world starts to revolve in front of your eyes 😉 ( you understand what I mean 😉 ) Knowledge comes from books. Personality cannot develop without reading. Again think are you the person you know?

Idealize somebody and start behaving:

The last secret to starting a productive life is to start living like that person you idealize. Start behaving like that person, start dressing like that person. Eventually, everything that a person has, nature will give that to you. The way they talk, the way they walk, sleeping habits, start living like that.

Life Management Skills

Remember ” before you do something, be something”. Your whole life will be changed. Eventually, you will get those results which they got. Become that person today, start living like that person.

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