10 ways to start a memorable time with your spouse

Beyond providing emotional support in our time of need, spending time with your spouse helps to strengthen our precious relationship and make us feel connected to each other. It’s crucial for a successful marriage too.

You see your partner every single day.He/She is the primary person you ask within the morning and, therefore, the last person you say goodnight. Beside sexual intimacy between partners, here I’m sharing 10 ways to start a memorable time with your spouse to spice up your married life.

Spending quality time together with your partner is the best thanks to ensuring that your relationship stays healthy and robust. That suggests going above and beyond sitting together while you watch a movie or going out for the occasional dinner. You deserve more from your relationship – then does your spouse.

1- Say thankyou:

Say, thank you. Appreciate his/her small doings. Some spouse says not a single beautiful word to their spouse. This happens when we take things as our “RIGHT”. “thank you love for everything” from a spouse mouth, are little words that have the power to bring the whole world in your souse lap.

I’m beginning to believe that “Thank You” and “Sorry” is the most under-appreciated and under-used phrase on the earth. It’s appropriate in nearly any situation, and it’s a far better response than most of the items we are saying.

learn to say 'Thank you'
learn to say “thank you” 🙂

2- Give cards, share messages :

Share what your heart says, as a thank you note. Send quotes for lover. If you are stubborn, what do you think about how she/he will think about you and remember you?……..

quotes for lover

3- Give space to each other :

We should give some break and space for each other. One should give a feeling of mental peace, mental satisfaction to each other. “ME” time is also essential for a spouse. One should learn to spend time being with yourself

4- Prepare a special dinner for your spouse:

Throw a romantic dinner idea or surprise your spouse by preparing a special dinner for your spouse. This act will give a feel of being important to your loved ones.

special dinner
Plan a special dinner for your spouse

5- Fighting in a relationship:

In case of a fight with your spouse or you are lacking a family bonding ,,,, hold on. Always remember, as Abraham Lincoln has rightly said

-” I learned a great many years ago that in a fight between husband and wife , a Third-party should never be involved -“

When your relationship is fine, say thank you to each other. This word “thank you’ is a magic word. Try it, Feel it, and experience it.

fighting in a relationship

6- Appreciate each other in social gatherings :

When sitting with siblings, friends or in social gatherings., try always to appreciate your spouse. That gives a feeling of happiness and a sense of security to your spouse. In our society, there is more negativity everywhere.

A couple can spread positivity by appreciating eachother

7- Say thanks for the role your partner plays:

If she is a housewife, appreciate her for her doings regarding what efforts she is putting up to make you happy. If she is a working woman, appreciate her for the sacrifices she is putting up to keep a balance between the workplace and her home i-e how is she managing home and work life so well.

Similarly, If a man is working hard and spending his energy and time to earn a healthy living for you and your children, he needs an appreciation and Big thanks too. Husband and wife are two wheels of a car. Both should support and reciprocate to each other.

8- Husband wife should go on dating:

Well, to keep the spark alive in your relationship, to go on a date at least once in a month is necessary in my opinion. Only two of you should go on a long drive. Feelings of positivity will develop spending time . It will put positive effects on family and kids.

Husband Wife date 🙂

9- Give gifts to each other:

Gifts in relationship plays a vital role in developing love and affection. Gifts have always been a crucial part in developing healthy, loving relationships. aside from being just an easy gesture of appreciation towards your partners, giving the proper gifts can show just what proportion you look after , and understand them

Anniversary Gift

10- Be a giver not a taker:

Telling you the biggest secret of a relationship, ” First give, than expect”. Do not expect always that she/he will do this and that for me. What ever your expectations are for a relationship, always be the Giver first, not the Taker.

Always try to do more, You will get in return what you gave for sure. Do not compare, just focus on ” Giving and sharing is caring “.

Apply these little jestures in your marriage and you will see the magic .


Feel free to share your views. Your suggestions would be highly appreciated 🙂

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